Observing Projects

An observing project is used to manage all the objects that you want to observe. This is will usually be a long-term project, because you might not be able to observe all objects in one night and you might be using several telescopes at a different locations. For example, you might plan to observe all the Messier Objects or all of the globular clusters visible in your telescope.

E&T provides some object lists as observing projects. You can download some more lists as project files on this website. We provide the objects of the Messier Catalog, the Caldwell Catalog, the Herschel 400 and a list of Hidden Treasures.

Please use the Import feature for XML projects.

observation project "The Messier-Objects" | 4 KB
"Caldwell Catalog*" | 2 KB
observation project "Herschel 400*" | 4 KB
"Hidden Treasures*" | 4 KB
"Astronomical Leagues Double Star Observing List*" | 8 KB (XML)

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