FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Demo version

What is the difference between demo version and full version?

The demo version has some restrictions. These restrictions are

  • deep-sky database contains only the Messier Objects
  • no logging of observations
  • no import of observations or object data
  • star maps are based on the Tycho Catalog only

The functionality of both versions is the same, so you can check whether Eye&Telescope meets your needs.

Technical questions

Can I use E&T as portable app on a USB memory stick?

Yes, E&T can be installed and used as portable app on a memory stick. This allows the use of the program on multiple computers without (as previously required) copying the file Userdata.mdb. You do not even have to install it on the other computers! There is only one exception: the database components ("MDAC") by Microsoft must be present on the computer on which you want to run E&T. They are usually installed by default on newer computers (Windows 2000 and above). If necessary, you can install MDAC on older computers at any time. Please check the information at Downloads / database components on this website..

To use E&T as portable app, please follow our guidelines for "Installation and use on a memory stick"


The stars appear as eggs/ovals on my notebook display

This problem occurs with displays that have non-quadratic pixels. Solution: Edit an entry in ET.INI to stretch the stars in the vertical axis. You need to change the key called "AspectRatio" in the section "[Miscellaneous]". Simply insert the factor by which the stars must be stretched vertically to be displayed as circles. On a 16:9-display this is approximately 1.1

The entry in ET.ini should look like this

My computer doesn't have a DVD drive. How can I install E&T anyway?

The easiest way is to use an external DVD drive.
If you have access to a computer with DVD drive, you can copy the complete content of the DVD onto a USB memory stick (with at least 4 GB free of memory) and install from the USB stick. If you don't have a USB stick with enough memory, you can copy as first step all data from DVD onto it, but exclude the folder "images". Now start the installation (run SETUP.EXE). Choose as setup type the option "Standard (without images)". When the installation is complete, you can copy the image files from the DVD to the sub-directory "images" on your hard-drive.

Can I use E&T with Windows Vista?

E&T 3.0 works with Windows Vista. Because of Vista's high security measures you have to take care of some details:

  • The installer of the DVD will ask you if it shall be run in Administrator mode. You must allow this.
  • Please open the properties settings of the file ET.EXE by right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer. Make sure that it is run with administrator rights.
  • Using the compatibility mode can slow down the software or cause instabilities or display problems. You should not use any compatibility mode.

Online licensing

How does the licensing work?

There are four steps for licensing:

  1. Enter the serial number into the form shown at the first launch of E&T. You can find the number on a sticker on the package or on your invoice.
  2. Enter your user name. Important: this name can't be changed afterwards!
  3. Enter your user name and your serial number into the online Licensing form.
  4. The website will show you your license number. Enter it into the matching field of E&T's Licensing form.
What do I have to pay special attention to?

Please fill out the information (serial number, user name and license number) carefully! The safest way is to insert user name and license number via copy&paste (Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v). Please note that the following characters can easily be mismatched:

  • l and I (lowercase L, capital i)
  • 1 and l (numeral one and lowercase L)
  • 1 and I (numeral one and capital i)
  • 0 and O (numeral zero and capital o)
  • B and 8 (capital b and numeral eight)
What happens if the serial number is wrong?

If you enter a wrong serial number into E&T, you will get an error message and the program will start as demo version. You'll be asked for the correct serial number at every program-start - so you have an indefinite number of tries, if you accidentally enter the wrong serial number.

What happens if I use the wrong user name?

The user name under which you operate the program and the user name that you specify in licensing must be identical. We strongly recommend you use your first and last name.

Why can the licensing fail?

The online-licensing checks your serial number. If it has already been used, you won't get a licensing number. If you enter a wrong serial number, you'll receive an error message. If you enter the wrong user name, the license number will not work on your system, because you provided a different user name there.

What happens if I lose my license number?

Please note down serial number and license key carefully. If you can't find your license key, send an email to webmaster@oculum.de. Please mention your full name, software version, and serial number. We will answer as quickly as possible.