Eye & Telescope demo and tutorial videos

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Also watch an Overwiew of functionality and intention of Eye & Telescope (Flash, no Sound).


Video Topics Playing time
Introduction Object information, contrast above threshold, visibility 6:41
Star maps Help on the star maps, inserting objects, finding potentially visible objects, render the FOV, creating finder charts, optimize for minimal slewing distance, batch printing, telescope control with ASCOM, using GOTO, map follows telescope and automatically repopulates after panning 21:19
The object filter Filter categories, taking sky and optics into account, the filter in action, taking time and site into account, find the period of darkness, copying objects from the filter result to an observing plan or an observing project 10:20
The observing project Inserting objects by direct lookup, copy objects among projects, manually sorting objects, copy object data to MS Excel, Dragging objects out of MS Excel, creating a project from an object table on the web, finding objects currently visible 9:56
The observing plan Optimizing your schedule, exporting to HTML 5:52
Logbook basics List of observations, browsing your observations, displaying notes as tooltips, display and edit observations, calling help on the logbook data, creating links to files, reproducing an observation, register new observations, characterize Open Clusters, using the log filter, working with sessions 11:34
Logbook import and export Import foreign observations, using the log filter to display imported observations, non available master data in imported observations, deleting imports, exporting observations to HTML, selecting a stylesheet for export, working with user defined export (example: export of object data only) 10:27
Integration Configuring a planetarium program for use with E&T, centering objects in the planetarium program out of E&T, integration of Guide 8 and E&T using "E&T Remote Control", displaying E&T object data for objects selected in Guide, create a new log entry in E&T for objects selected in Guide, export options for PDA software 6:35


If you miss information about a topic and would like to see a video on this: please do not hesitate to contact product support in our E&T forum.